Phantom Rider

by Tora Tora

I don’t fear death. Met the guy on so many occasions I think we might actually have something of an understanding nowadays. This song was one of my favorites in high school. Yeah I know…those were the days of metallica, hair bands, and everything in between…but these guys had a little jam in them and this song always had it’s place in the very long playlist 😉

Have a listen, pretty sure you’ll like the lyrics at the very least…and have fun finding the album 😉


Phantom Rider

Count the times
Feel ’em pass you by
Witness the pain
that it leaves behind

Shadows grow darker,
weakens the soul
it takes you away
where the winds are blowin’ cold

Phantom Rider
please don’t take me away

Time is everlasting,
But nothing out lasts time.
Whatever comes must go it seems,
It’s not ours to question why

Just lift your hands up to the sky.
Taste the warmth of the sun.
Keep livin’ for the moment,
‘Cause your time is gonna come

Phantom Rider
please don’t take me away

You can feel it commin’
the older that you grow,
and when your time has come at last
there’s some things you’ll never know

So always remember
to keep your guard up high
’cause you’ll never know when the Phantom
will make his lethal ride.

Phantom Rider
please don’t take me away…