Haiti needs you…

Hell, I think they need all of us.

I have been reading so much about the destruction.

I thought seeing truckloads of people trapped in two layers of cement being dug out by people with their bare hands was bad.

I was wrong.

You should DEFINITELY read this:

CNN’s coverage of the destruction is pretty good but what they aren’t mentioning much yet is what happens when large populations run out of food and water.

First they wake up, then they help each other, then they get tired. If there isn’t a relief system in place to provide some form of sustenance at that point, people start resorting to other methods to make sure they’re fed. This is where things get dangerous. When faced with starvation people will get desperate and hopefully a refugee campus will be erected that will be able to help enough of the population to stave off the looting and prevent rioting.

Anyhow…I have to take off everyone be safe and PLEASE help out here on CNN/MSNBC: