Being Libra…at Reetz

Someone may require your help today, even if you don’t receive a specific request. If you are concerned about a friend, go ahead and make the phone call yourself. He or she may only need your ear, but remember that confidentiality is crucial, so don’t gossip. You won’t need to solve any problems to be of value; your emotional support will likely be enough.

So…here I was, I just woke up. I have amazing friends did I mention that? Simply amazing. I mean the blazing minds, genuine intentions…its just awesome.

Yes, I am ignoring the horrorscope, it already happened which is freaky because mine rarely end like that. Anyhow, I met two truly amazing women last night One by the name of Renee, she’s pretty damn cool, and has a voice that’ll make you want to very bad things, and most importantly…she and one of my oldest friend’s Greg are stupid for each other…no like really stupid, but its pretty kick-ass to see Greg with someone that is NOT a psycho-dragon-whorebeast-from-hell for once.

Now Amber…Greg didn’t believe me when I said I thought I knew her. She was easily the best looking woman in the place…and there were a lot of women. So when she magically appeared next to me at the bar, I had only one choice…must find out where. I asked straight up, “This is going to sound weird, but did you ever work for Starbucks?” She giggled and politely said “No, but I know who you’re talking about.”…I reply, “It’s been a couple years, but I remember that she had like a twin sister, and she was an amazing artist, her stuff was pretty original, and more often than not thought provoking enough to a real gallery showing.” She got this awesome smile on her face and stuck her had out and said, “By the way, I am Amber.” I was so enamored that upon reflection I am not even positive Amber was what she said, but when I probably could have said just about anything and been given free reign to stare into those eyes for a while longer, I noticed the guy she came in with giving me a very scary evil-eye. I am not making any assumptions here, she was with the other guy, but if I see her again…I am so not going to pass her up again.

Damn I wish we had pics…two nights out in a row without a camera. I must be losing my touch.