25 Random things about me…

I posted this on my Facebook since a few other friends did…

1. I enjoy taking things apart…televisions…coffeemakers…people I suspect of being sheeple.
2. I was born in Buffalo New York on Friday the 13th.
3. I cook an egg ‘over-medium’ and throw it on a tortilla almost every morning when I wake up, and any time I each lunch at home it’s usually something with rice in it.
4. I was mauled by a dog when I was little(5-ish), and had to have cosmetic surgery immediately to avoid looking even scarier than I started off. I still remember most of it in vivid detail…
5. I prefer big dogs, little ones for some reason annoy me to no end. This is pretty ironic considering #4, but hey that’s me.
6. One of my favorite things in the world to do is cook for friends. Excuses to gather and eat, drink, and generally entertain each other.
7. I am prejudiced against prejudices. People who have prejudices against others based on spirituality, gender, color, or nationality need to go the way of the dinosaur…the world no longer tolerates them.
8. I used to play Amtgard, a very self-gratifying method of socially ostracizing yourself from the rest of the world and developing an ego that everyone loves to laugh at in person and pity when you’re not around.
9. I read at least 5 pages from 3 different reference books every evening. In addition to plowing through scary amounts of fantasy novels.
10. I keep a “Bucket” list…started it when I was around 17.
11. I have the attention span of a spastic monkey, and the verbal charm and finesse of a charging rhino, but tend to be the opposite in written/literary formats.
12. I have arthritis, but in the last year have suffered only minimal problems with it, probably because I stopped ostracizing myself from society by hitting people with foam weapons (and therefor not giving other like minded individuals the opportunity to hit me constantly.)
13. I am writing a novel….very slowly (unfortunately)
14. I love swimming…
15. I have been dubbed a human fertility tree, due to the number of women that manage to get pregnant when I live with them. No…none of these wonderful children are mine, it’s bad enough that it happens without my contributing to the distinction directly 😉
16. I absolutely love practical jokes 😉
17. I am stubborn beyond belief about giving gifts, and feel they have to be so unique that it sometimes takes me ages to make or acquire them for people.
18. I abhor living alone, so much that I’ve only lived alone a total of about a year.
19. I am obsessive about getting my lotto tickets.
20. If I am wearing socks with rough seams you can bet I am wearing them inside-out.
21. I have a music collection that rivals most radio stations.
22. I have my own blog, on my own web-server, allowing me to say whatever I feel without concern for who is reading…well…because it is one of the many manners in which I express myself.
23. I think that everyone in the worlds would find themselves on much more equal footing if they were forced to wear a toga in public at all times.
24. I have a fetish for reading about science-fact far above my level of understanding.
25. In college I took the same logical argument class three times (Aced all three too) solely for the purposes of refining my ability in written debate.

That’s about it…hope you enjoy 😉