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Day One, The Skies North…

This was way cooler to see from the air...

This was way cooler to see from the air...

So I decided to keep a decent log of all that going on over the next few weeks…

DC is VERY pretty from the skies above. I got this pic during my layover in DC.

The flights were pretty laid back, a little bumpy on takeoff off from both Dallas and DC., but hardly scary. The flight to Buffalo from DC was a little comic. What people will do to fight paying for carry-on…it’s pretty funny….but when your efforts in packing “light” make a hundred people wait for 20 minutes to get off the plane…well…let’s just roll with “You suck!”

I learned that there are some serious bloggers in the airport at all times…I caught sight of a top-ten vlogger in DC, pretty sure she recognized me too but I didn’t feel like interrupting the idiot factor around her (there were fan-kids talking a million miles an hour at her and all the adults that were trying to say “hi” we’re forced to endure the unceasing teenaged chatter…not so fun). Anyhow, waving at one another was more than enough. If you catch this blog, it was cool waving at ya, and we’ll have to do it again sometime 😉 Anyhow I am not sure my site will ever have that kind of attention but it was cool seeing how popular this venue of media is getting.

Another noteworthy thing was my not having my MP3 player for the trip. this was a SERIOUS downer…I hav nada of my normally unfathomably cool music to listen too outside of playlist.com **le sigh**

Wings & Pizza from Bacce's

Wings & Pizza from Bacce's

The dinner waiting for me…well…I am a VERY big fan of the real Buffalo Wing.  So I got to come home to the pictured goodness that we never have in Dallas.  I was graced with the Vallee Sisters company for dinner, the conversation was so amusing that I forgot to get pics of them. Not to worry…I have two weeks to get more pics 😉

Now for the juicy part of the blog entry.

The Boston portion of the trip is one of those events in life you already know is going to change things. I’ll be meeting my birth father – Robert Hunt – for the first time. Yes, the very first time. It IS definitely kindof weird considering there’s been no involvement and next to no contact between us…ever. It’s also noteworthy that I found out tonight I have a 9 year old sister. I haven’t quite wrapped my head around that one yet. I’ll be sure to write volumes later once I am not in shock 😉

Anyhow, that’s it for Day One. thanks for reading.


I’ll be going to New York and Canada over two weeks.
Things to do:
Hang out at the Farm.
Visit everyone this time (didn’t get to do much visiting last time at all).
Maybe see Jon’s band play (Birth of a Catastrophe)
Ohhh…and I can subject my entire family to breakfast taco greatness!!!


Halfway into Vacation…

It’s been weird.

First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever slept so much. I am not quite sure why it needed it….but a week of no pressure, no deadlines, and no expectations seems to have opened my eyes. I havent been so relaxed in a VERY long time. The flip side…
So far…here’s what I’ve done:

Haven’t smoked one cig in about 3 weeks. This is a big deal…no cravings…mainly because I have been avoiding people that stress me out…or try to 😉

Slept 8-10 hours per day (usually cant do this unless I am sick)

Read the following books:

The Paradiso (Dante Alighieri – been tiptoeing around finishing up the re-read)
Sword Dancer (Jenifer Roberson)
Sword Singer (Jenifer Roberson)
The Knight (Gene Wolfe)
The Wizard (Gene Wolfe)
Eldest (Christopher Paolini)
Brisingr (Christopher Paolini – I am just about to read this one)

Finally figured out what I am going to with the apartment arrangement-wise(this is important…i am a libra, everything in the apartment must be aesthetically pleasing to me).

Coming pretty close to a decision about school and work. Since people from work actually read this…they can draw their own conclusions.

My mom has been calling every few days to rub it in that she’s ona 15 day cruise in Hawaii 😉

Anyhow…that’s about it…i should still be able to rent a car to get down to the event this weekend, and my birthday party is still totally on.

Life is good, because I haven’t had to do much of anything 😉