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Quick note.

Whoever the loser is that really likes Natalie Tran’s feet and continues to google them…

Stop it.

I can see when you’re googling them…and then you come to MY site.

Thats just sick dude…and there will never be that kind of content here…go somewhere else please.


Dude, they’re still Googling her feet!

Some people are just plain sick.

My Google stats are showing that some people really are looking up Natalie Tran’s feet.


Stop doing that…some of us can see where you’re searching!!!


..wow…I just added “Google”, “online”, and “Googling” to my online dictionary. Who compiles these spell checkers?!

You’re searching for her feet?!

This is awesome…

So as everyone knows I actually run my blog on my own hosted server…
While I use the WordPress software, I don’t use a hosted blog service like WordPress.com or Blogspot etc…it also means I have tons more control over what I do with my server.

One of these things is Search Engine Optimization. Now not everyone is tech savvy so I will keep it simple …if you have a little knowledge you can make sure Google knows everything you ever publish, it’s that simple. After a little while you start bucking the stats generated by your enhancement and if your site’s been up for a bit, you’ll start really getting noticed…sometimes, how you’re noticed is funny.

If I Google ‘Natalie Tran Feet’…I get the following:


Messed up right? She’s funny but pretty sure she’s not pimpin’ her feet out…no offense Nat I am sure your feet are beautiful (as beautiful as feet get anyhow) which leads me to the next question…who the hell would search for that?! I mean come on. Did she do a video on her feet? Are you seriously looking for foot shots of her? …most importantly this detail is messing with me… Google brought said searcher to my site. Thats just funny. Whoever you are, bet you’re not going to come around HERE again…

Another example…apparently if you’re Googling pics of Alyssa Milano in Hungary, you get the following…


This is just insane…that search apparently leads to a pic of Scooter and I when I was on vacation and visiting in New Braunfels,TX…someone please let me how THAT one made it to me 😉

Regardless, I just feel this is quite amusing and wanted to share.

Thanks for the bandwidth!