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I know…

It has been stated that I am slowly growing out of my normal ranting lunatic mood.

You miss that. I get it.
Saving the world from itself one word at a time is taxing….be patient.

So in order to set your minds at ease, I’ve decided to show you that the ranting lunatic is still quite alive with a short citation of proof that I am in fact still pissed at someone or something in this world at all times…even when I sleep.

I am pissed at a world that makes me park my motorcycle under the stairway leading to my apartment because me and all my neighbors are totally afraid someone is going to steal it.

Parents that think they can take care of and raise their kids while getting high.

I am 100% POed at mosquitoes. They suck. I am allergic and am now sick thanks to the freaky mosquito invasion around our building.

Douchebags that think giving to charity makes up for telling people they are worthless all day.

Shower shelves with suction cups that don’t actually work and fall and make a noise something akin to what I construe to possibly being the end of the world when I am asleep.

Politicians that seriously think a city-owned hotel addresses the concerns and needs of all the people living in Dallas.

Whoever the asshat was that cancelled Firefly so Enterprise could run.

….yeah…there’s lots more. I actually keep a list.

…all that stuff that ticks me off…I might not remember everything, but I make notes about it 😉


Say Bye to Vern’s Kitchen.

Places you go if you’re trying to experience Dallas…

…the State Fair…maybe Six Flags…but the cooking…I used to love laughing at people that thought the Hard Rock was experiencing Dallas 😉

One of the places you went if you wanted a piece of Dallas, was Vern’s Kitchen.

Unfortunately…no more. Sad day 🙁

Dallas Morning News Article on Vern’s Closure

**Le Sigh**

Dallas City Council Members still on trial.

Virtually all of them are on trial for corruption. This trial and investigation arent new, but what really makes my ass twitch is all the people that voted them in. one of them are innocent, it’s become a case of who is rolling over on the rest first. Good article to catch up with: