Strange lyrics…

I was actually humming when I wrote this…so weird considering how long since I’ve been inclined to write music (I am an avid listener, but writing…I havent done that in ages.) Anyhow…comment away…obviously not done but it’s a decent start.

Events wash over me like waves
Seems like life is sink or swim
and then I finally stand
I’m walking on water and these…
…these’r the best days of my life
A man stand watching over it all
on top of the world but not a bit involved
and then he finally comes down
Walks up to me and says…
…says “keep an eye on them for me man.”
I learned alot from the climb
The air up here is thin
and then I learned how to breath
the scarier part…
I think I forgot how to swim…
A view of the world from the top
leads me to see it all
the failures of mankind…
how easy it is to fall

But then I see some..
some that know to swim
some that know to climb
some that know to watch from oh so high

Talking about Windows…

Yeah like I am not going to post this one 😉 More IT funny!!!

Talking About Windows: Up All NightAwesome video clips here

My HHR…new pic.

So here she is…my baby! She likes meals primarily consisting of inexperienced drivers that think their V8 can race anything, kids in ginormous muscle cars that can’t drive, and people that have no idea how much I will go through to get to work fast.