Hey Arlington ISD, you’re retarded and hypocritical.

Hey Arlington, you’re retarded and hypocritical.
You restricted your students from watching the Presidential Address.
Then you decide it’s okay to bus all those students to Texas Stadium to listen to President Bush speak.
I can’t tell you how embarrassing you are.
I am reading about situations like this constantly.

If I had kids in your school district this would quite seriously be a deal-breaker. Arguing that the outing to the Stadium requires parent permission is absolutely no excuse. You took a stand, now own up.

To be clear I have no problem with the field trip. But I have a HUGE problem with your censoring the President of the United States on Tuesday, and then making it possible for W to talk to them INSTEAD OF GOING TO SCHOOL?!

Yep. You’re about as right as it gets. Practice what you preach.
Stay the hell out of politics, you’re an educational body…act like you have a little of that education and leave the partisanship to Washington and angry parents.

There are links literally springing up too fast for me to keep up. Here are some of them. Reading all of them gave me a clearer picture but still left me a little embarrassed…and THAT doesn’t happen very often.









Be afraid…

Tony's on a bike!!! Be very afraid!!

Tony's on a bike!!! Be very afraid!!

…be very afraid.

…of pictures predicting the future…

Yes, I’ve left Boston, but it seems a little Boston is coming with me to Dallas…

…it’s been a long time coming :)

…and now I have something to drive up north on my trips!

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