Quick update in TonyTown

TonyTown is now running Windows7, so far it’s beautiful, barely any progress-freezing permissions issues anymore ;)

Apparently not being online (like when I am working) is the equivalent of ignoring people…people should rethink that.

11 weeks no smokes…I still have a temper but it’s nothing like it was two months ago.

Been on a diet for roughly a week, lost 12 pounds. No…I am still healthy, getting healthier actually. 30 minutes of exercise a day and eating along a rigid regimen is working wonders. Thanks to Allopurinol, this time I won’t have to stop a month into the cycle and cry for six weeks as arthritis takes over.

Just under a month until I get to head out to New York/Canada for a couple weeks….cant wait to be honest, need some away time from Dallas.

My Brother needs to get his arse back from Iraq. Enough already.

Planning on a nice long trip to the UK in January…if you have suggestions on things to go see, please let me know.

Yaknow whats funny…the word “bugger”…I have a really creepy fascination with how the word is used in the UK and Australia.

Yep…that was random. G’night.

Ohh funny post coming…make sure you listen to it!


More LameSauce from the Iranian Government

We all knew it was coming…the trials of all the people acused of participating/inciting the political opposition, the protests, marches and rallies in Iran has been given some serious toppings of LAMESAUCE!

3 people from two different countries (Britain and France) confessed publicly to being involved in the “disturbances.”

I hardly hate the country, but it’s government is in dire need of some evolution. The world is evolving…spiritualism evolves with it or it will perish…history repeats itself, and governments bound by religion continue to falter and fail the test of their own morality. Have fun over there President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, you’re showing no representation to your own people, instead you chose to represent a failed theocratic republic whose continued decisions have ostracized it’s people from a world that is not interested in archaic and useless tradition.




Using a nuclear bomb to swat a fly…

So the word is out.

Twitter, FaceBook, and LiveJournal were collateral damage in a hugely overkill bot-net attack many of us felt directly. I originally mentioned the media’s ineptitude in accuracy and profound expertise in unnecessary speculation was comic HERE.

Some script-kiddies with political motive and a little access to a botnet were after one guy.

…yes…the target was ONE GUY.

This time however…the news has decided to restrain themselves on the crazy speculation and started listening to the real pros…

A professor in Georgia apparently was doing something in the way of building a documentary of personal views of events preceding the current tension/issues prevalent between Georgia and Russia. Someone obviously didnt like it…since they fubarified Google’s Blogspot, Facebook. Twitter, and LiveJournal. According to the articles…they are still actually under an attack.

Now here’s where the LameSauce comes into play.
*To all the “businesses” that are 100% dependent or based on Twitter’s communication framework. You’re idiots. You get no sympathy from the IT world. This is like taking money from people to show them how to get a GMail account. If I had any brain cells I’d propose that Twitter directly enter competition with these businesses or bill them for use and get some of the money ;)
*To the script kiddies that did this. Coming from the same side of the fence…I can sincerely say this was serious overkill and completely unnecessary. I can only guess that someone was actually being paid to do this…because despite the “to see if it can be done” factor, you’ve now given four of the largest social networks in the world live data with which to further strengthen themselves from attacks of this nature…in addition, at least in the Twitter venue…attention is now on them…and groups that wreak this level of havoc are rarely prepared for the level of attention that comes when the non-evil corps will pay big $$$ for the head of kids responsible for this. Just my opinion here mates, but you might’ve just set some crosshairs swiveling in your direction that have the facilities to go toe-to-toe with you.

Anyhow, here are some updates…enjoy!


Just found out that at least 8 different news sites are regurgitating this story verbatim…save yourself some time, use this article first…more coming from different sources.

Not as good, but references to the myriad of business models 100% dependent on Twitter stability is a hint of things to be careful of…you know…like using someone else’s free service to make money ;)

Paraphrased NY Times article? can’t tell because the WP doesnt time-stamp their articles. (That means the WP gets lame-sauce points)

My neighbors rock!!

So as everyone knows, I live in a little-known alcove of apartments here in Dallas.

They aren’t ritzy in the least, but their location is awesome.

..so are my neighbors ;)

I am going to be working all weekend…essentially the only free time I’ll get is spare hours where the guy on call doesn’t need me to answer questions (he’s new). On the way home after grabbing my lotto tickets, I was dreading having to cook tonight snce I have been dieting and it is an absolute trial to cook without breaking my diet.

…so…as I said earlier…the neighbors rock.

I am pulling in from work and my downstairs neighbors are grilling. Of course we wave and say hello..same ol’ same ol’.

Only a few minutes after I am in my apartment, I hear a stampede of kids coming up the stairs. Now I already know they’re there for me…since the apartment next to mine seems to be vacant all the time…anyhow…the kids knock lightly….and when I answer, they practically fight over who gets to speak to me (this is awesome sauce because these particular kids are so funny) and after about 20 seconds of them finding some semblance of alpha hierarchy, the oldest (8-9 years old tops) start telling me that his uncle wants to know if I am hungry. Of course I was…I’ve been eating like 20 grams of carbs a day for 4 days…after that you start thinking people might be tasty.

‘kay…so I come down a few minutes later, and he has a plate made for me already and it’s amazingly nothing but grilled chops and beef…which just happens to be within the okay zone for me since it’s dinnertime and perfectly arranged…and the best part…on the side was a little homemade avocado spread (not guac, just a little avocado mixed up with cilantro and onions). For those of you who don’t know…this is the only way I eat avocado…it’s like these guys are psychic ;)

Anyhow…I was so happy with their generosity and good nature (their kids are great!) that when I was done I returned to hang out, grace them once again with my vast and awesome presence, and most importantly hook them up with a bottle of Mona Vie. Initially they thought it was some sort of wine, so I got to turn them on to the awesomeness that is MV ;)

Bottom line. I didnt have to cook. My neighbors rock. :)


Ugh…no feel good!

I just feel absolutely yucky today…no idea why.

Unfortunately, I have to haul it to work, so I cant give you pages oof dialogue on why ;)


Twitter got DDoSed!! FB trips up!!

So, according to CNN and a host of other media sources…someone dropped us the bomb on Twitter.

…consequentially, job related performance around the world improved by 30%…even at Twitter ;)

The reality of it is that someone must have been REAAALLY BORED. Now…I would like to be the first to make it clear who has to be behind such atrocities ;)

I am totally betting on the Church of Scientology. Only they could have come up with the failed logic precipitating this kind of action…well…wait..I suppose a leet group of fearless script kiddies could have been trying to find something to do…and then said…”heh…dude…watch THIS!”

…but the style is just meh.

Seriously, CNN’s link is right here…as are others…..mostly are just a bunch of media outlets jumping on the chance to speculate what happened ;)

Needs grammar check BADLY.

The article is entitled “Did Koobface Cause the Twitter DDoS Attack?”, but the article’s second line start with “So far, no reasons or methodologies for the attacks have surfaced.”

Titled…”Denial-of-service got Twitter. Is your network next?”
I don’t know…do you have a website that gets more than 44 million uniques a month?! THEN GET SCARED!!! (not really you’re not popular enough ;)

…and….the winner is…bearing the most accuracy without grammar and unnecessary speculation is…….
“DDOS Attacks Crush Twitter, Hobble Facebook” A short, and very sweet little reminder that some 15 year olds can redefine the nature by which we define CBlocking. ;)

Have Fun, Play Hard, but not on my swingset!

Ooooohh…wait I found humor!!!
The Real Reason Twitter and FB Went Down

Ten Weeks….no smoking.


I had to recount the weeks so I am pretty much in the clear now, go me!!!!


Funny Car Pic…

Have to share this…

While running errands, I noticed a car parked nearby…and couldn’t help but take a picture. ;)

Alternative Auto Detailing....

Yes…those are 2×4’s. I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of the front…where there was a few pieces of plexiglas assembled as a scoop on the hood of the car…maybe I’ll go back and take a pic. ;)

Little Boat

by Kate McGill
Okay, kudos to Nat for clueing me in on Kate McGill. I usually buy my own copy of the music on this side, but can’t find her stuff for sale *le sigh* so I am embedding in the video. If you havent listened to her acoustic jammin’, you absolutely should…okay…so…I am going to make it easy for you here.
Click…on…the…play…button. :)

OOhh…also…you can find her HERE.


Little Boat Lyrics (again courtesy of Natalie Tran):

couldn’t you have found a better way
of making sure i didn’t move
although we both know it’s my choice
why did i choose this?

we’re standing on the waters edge
you and me with the elements

and there i was thinking
our little boat was sinking
and there i was thinking
our little boat was sinking

couldn’t you have gone another way?
you’re always blocking off my path
i know i don’t have anywhere to go
but it would be nice to know

we’re standing on the waters edge
you and me with the elements

and there i was thinking
our little boat was sinking
and there you were, standing
and there was me, drowning

More Shatner and the Prose of Palin

Can’t help but smile. ;)