Ever wonder….

You might be wondering if I am really going to rant, not really today. Everyone was relatively easy to be around today, and well…lets face it I am easily entertained 😉

…what it’s like to be Tony in the morning?

:) I introduce to you, Mr. Puggers, recently promoted to Captain Puggers.

For anyone still wondering, I am a little busy this week and now definitely into next week, but busy is good. The professional site is almost done and looks primo so far. I will link you guys up shortly :)


I forgot to title this ;)

“Tony, I’m going to stab you.” (@laurenacarlton – no worries, she’s entirely safe…well since shes lives like miles away anyhow)
“I have that effect on women. Bring a lunch.”

…yep. typical day.

This post a day thing might be a pain. But at least I am putting forth the effort.

I now have 20 unfinished articles too, so I think somewhere in there is progress eh?



Good Mormon!


Yeah…This isn’t about Mormons. (Damn You Auto Correct!)
If this was a text from yours truly, you would know that’s me saying “Good Morning!” My wonderful iPhone loves that phrase, and honestly I am tired of retyping it.

Progress? Here?! …Maybe?
I am about 2/3 through another installment of No More Stupid. It’s going well, and maybe if I had more time outside my 9-5 I might actually get some real content written, but for now, I am content to helping regular people make it through the crazy mess of everything online. That said, if you have questions about “stuff” online, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to throw you a bone.

Ok ….so…If you’re new here, I will warn you. I am kind of an ass. I link TONS of stuff in here, but I don’t mark the links, so you have to hover over the link with your mouse to find them.

It’s my idea of providing a learning experience and being me at the same time.

I have this friend @thebloggess and she’s incredibly awesome and she spends her days being funny and inadvertently teaching other people that they can be better too.

There’s a problem though, she’s having an incredible time dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis. So much so that she’s looking for other people that have had to work through this and compare notes so that she can make sure she’s left no stone unturned.

This is the link to the article she wrote. While I don’t share the same type of arthritis I am keenly aware of what she’s going through so if you’re suffering from or experienced RA please compare notes, I think it might mean the world to her.

That’s about it today. Be well and throw lots of snowballs at innocent bystanders for me!!!