Funny Car Pic…

Have to share this…

While running errands, I noticed a car parked nearby…and couldn’t help but take a picture. ;)

Alternative Auto Detailing....

Yes…those are 2×4′s. I didn’t get a chance to take a pic of the front…where there was a few pieces of plexiglas assembled as a scoop on the hood of the car…maybe I’ll go back and take a pic. ;)

Little Boat

by Kate McGill
Okay, kudos to Nat for clueing me in on Kate McGill. I usually buy my own copy of the music on this side, but can’t find her stuff for sale *le sigh* so I am embedding in the video. If you havent listened to her acoustic jammin’, you absolutely should…okay…so…I am going to make it easy for you here.
Click…on…the…play…button. :)

OOhh…also…you can find her HERE.


Little Boat Lyrics (again courtesy of Natalie Tran):

couldn’t you have found a better way
of making sure i didn’t move
although we both know it’s my choice
why did i choose this?

we’re standing on the waters edge
you and me with the elements

and there i was thinking
our little boat was sinking
and there i was thinking
our little boat was sinking

couldn’t you have gone another way?
you’re always blocking off my path
i know i don’t have anywhere to go
but it would be nice to know

we’re standing on the waters edge
you and me with the elements

and there i was thinking
our little boat was sinking
and there you were, standing
and there was me, drowning

More Shatner and the Prose of Palin

Can’t help but smile. ;)

William Shatner and the Prose of Palin

You must watch this ;)

Say Bye to Vern’s Kitchen.

Places you go if you’re trying to experience Dallas…

…the State Fair…maybe Six Flags…but the cooking…I used to love laughing at people that thought the Hard Rock was experiencing Dallas ;)

One of the places you went if you wanted a piece of Dallas, was Vern’s Kitchen.

Unfortunately…no more. Sad day :(

Dallas Morning News Article on Vern’s Closure

**Le Sigh**

The Dynamic of Money

As it turns out this is a pretty good vid. It is rather long though so grab yourself a drink and munchies. It really leaves you thinking after watching this. I always hated the necessity of debt in the economy but this documentary is spot-on. Enjoy!

The Way of the Dodos.

Okay, to explain to everyone far to lazy to type in “dodo” on Google…seriously:

The dodo is a bird that has been extinct since the mid-to-late 17th century. It is commonly used as the archetype of an extinct species because its extinction occurred during recorded human history, and was directly attributable to human activity, hence the phrase “going the way of the Dodos.”

More importantly, when I am saying it…it means that in order to survive…mankind has forced X to cease existing. This methodology by us (i.e. – humans, here…on earth) could hardly be attributed to natural selection as much as our collective inability to retain knowledge and exhibit wisdom en mass.

You see, we’re pretty self destructive. We’ve got peeps that are going out and killing others for virtually any reason you can come up with. Little children think its fun to scorch ants with magnifying glasses. Bigger children light firecrackers to their pets…and even adults seem to think it’s somehow okay to shoot wild animals for nothing more than the accomplishment (to be clear, I don’t have a problem with peeps that eat what they kill, but the rest are killing for pleasure…again see the title of this little note if you’re wondering where I think those people should end up.)

You see, even I am in that mass selection. I may not see fun in game hunting, but I would find immense satisfaction (and humor) in seeing a lion or bear whip out a glock and cap some game(trophy) hunters.

So here we have it…things go the way of the Dodo all the time. Mainly because we’re a bunch of ignorant gits, but every once in a while because Mother Nature in a fit of self-awareness says “WTF?!” In the end, we’re pretty likely to make it out alive now…as a matter of fact we’re finally becoming keenly aware of our own mortality as a species. Doesn’t stop us from trying pretty hard though.

Example: We figure out that our current methodology of energy production is not only finite, but dangerous to our health. What do we do? We hoard it and act like nothings wrong. We find out that this awesome product (plastics) is useful on like 1000000000 ways and jump on the production bandwagon and don’t spend any time whatsoever one the technology to cleanly dispose of the product.

I think I want to start my own town (yeah TonyTown!) and make laws that make sense…like all retail products in town must be sold in recyclable containers/packages. Grocery stores aren’t allowed to use plastic OR paper bags (reusable cotton ones). Public transportation is 100% emission-free and in use everywhere inside the city limits. Criminals are put into forced labor and no fines would accrue, you get busted, you work for the city…period. Paper products would only be allowed if made from hemp1. People that like to shoot animals for fun are to be ridiculed by law. People that think skin color seriously makes a person different have to deliver babies of a different color for a year without screwing it up. ;) People that think SyFy is a good replacement for SciFi are to teach science classes for 4 years to advanced students.2 People that don’t like the Transformers movies have to wear a Decepticon tattoo on their forehead for a year. Everyone that ever said something ugly to Natalie Tran (CommunityChannel) has to wear a tee shirt that says “I got owned by Natalie Tran” right near their bum.3 Everyone in the city would be required to have an iPhone handy and would be required to take lessons on usage from Alyssa Milano in hopes that some of her ethics would rub off on them.4 ISP’s would be held accountable for spam…

Wow…I kinda went on a tangent here didn’t I?

Bottom line. Don’t go the way of the Dodo…and don’t make others think you should.

-T ;)

  1. Just so you know. Originally hemp production initiatives in the states weren’t obstructed by drug enforcement, but by textile industries that didn’t have the lands necessary to compete with strong hemp farming. You see, hemp doesn’t deplete soil(tree farming does), hemp produces roughly 4x the amount of raw paper material that trees do per acre. This allows a farmer to cultivate a dual crop, paper and food if they like. Bottom line, I am not interested in smoking it in the least, but it’s readily as usable as cotton and easier to grow.
  2. I have an opinion about “SyFy” right HERE.
  3. Natalie Tran is a rather popular VLogger. I am a big fan, she has the absolute best sense of humor in the world…watch her vids HERE. Unfortunately, a huge amount of people have what is known as keyboard courage and say some pretty mean things to her…those guys get the afformentioned forced labor ;)
  4. Sounds silly, but I think everyone should be following Alyssa Milano on Twitter, they might learn a thing or two about being a good person ;)

“The Wanted” AWESOME!!!

I don’t think I’ve watched a documentary this good in a long time.

You’ve got 4 ex-militaries turned journalists traveling around the world in search of some really heavy hitters on the Most Wanted lists all over the globe.

From the sentence above you’d think we’re talking about a glamorous anti-terrorist unit like 24 with scenarios that only border on plausible…not even close.

It’s the real deal. In the first episode these guys have earned the worth of the whole series, enabling the extradition of a very well-known terrorist thats on the most wanted lists all of the globe, but was getting asylum from Norway under a legal loophole.

In the episode itself the Norwegian authorities state clearly that the news team frmo America was able to do what the Ministry of Migration has dragged its feet on for OVER 6 YEARS.

Cheers guys…this series is a keeper so long as they don’t glam it up. Since these guys arent actors I am pretty sure sooner or later we’re going to get to see someone let loose. One of the guys during the interview was having the hardest time sitting down while having to listen to Krakar…can’t say I blame him.

Totally recommending this show. NBC on Monday nights :)


Amazon/Kindle shows some DRM muscle.

eBooks are non-property?

Suits me just fine, but for everyone using Kindle I think it would be a bit irritating.

Here’s another scenario…the person owns a Kindle because they are blind. Kindle is one of the few methods by which the blind can purchase reading material for a reasonable price (reasonable meaning not $40 a book).

I mean, are publishers trying to move into the same electronic media stance as the recording industry?

If so, you’re quite likely to waste a lot of money and not recover anywhere near what you spent…just an fyi, check with the recording companies ;)

Anyhow here’s linkange…I am off to work..cheers!

iPhone ads from @WhoIsTheBaldGuy

…actually I don’t know, but I like his ad ideas. He sent me a tweet to check this one out. He can be followed on Twitter HERE and he’s also got a BLOG

Like I said…I am far more partial to ad’s touching the best in human nature. I love genuine humor…but the kind of stuff that makes Tony warm and fuzy is the stuff that will do everyone some good to see at least once. ;)