Gotta Love Texas!

No idea if it’s true or not, but there are alot of stories close enough that are true for this one to make you smile just a little ;) I got this via email from an old friend.
Rather than forward via email I thought it might be more apt to post it here where far more people will read it ;)

MARCH 5th, 2009

Last Thursday Night Around Midnight, A Woman From Houston , Texas Was Arrested,
Jailed, And Charged With Manslaughter For Shooting A Man 6 Times In The Back
As He Was Running Away With Her Purse. ~

The Following Monday Morning,
The Woman Was Called In Front Of The Arraignment Judge, Sworn In,
And Asked To Explain Her Actions.
The Woman Replied, “I Was Standing At The Corner Bus Stop
For About 15 Minutes, Waiting For The Bus To Take Me Home After Work.
I Am A Waitress At A Local Cafe…
I Was There Alone, So I Had My Right Hand On My Pistol,
That Was In My Purse, That Was Hung Over My Left Shoulder.

All Of A Sudden I Was Being Spun Around Hard To My Left.
As I Caught My Balance, I Saw A Man
Running Away From Me With My Purse.
I Looked Down At My Right Hand And I Saw That My Fingers Were Wrapped Tightly
Around My Pistol. The Next Thing I Remember Is Saying Out Loud,
” No Way Punk! Your Not Stealing My Pay Check And Tips.”
I Raised My Right Hand, Pointed My Pistol
At The Man Running Away From Me With My Purse,
And Squeezed The Trigger Of My Pistol 6 Times!

When Asked By The Arraignment Judge,
“Why Did You Shoot The Man 6 Times?”

The Woman Replied Under Oath,
“Because, When I Pulled The Trigger The 7th Time, It Only Went Click.”

The Woman Was Acquitted Of All Charges. She Was Back At Work, At The Cafe, The Next Day!

A great example of Creationism…

over-confidence-cat-eagle-demotivational-poster…will likely never be posted here.

I am actually giggling a little to myself ;)

Did you seriously think I would post something like that? My ulterior motive is in giving props to an old acquaintance of mine, Aron. Who it seems was given the enjoyable opportunity to successfully defend his statements regarding creationism.
There are so many avenues one may take to play this argument out with a huge advantage. The primary reason being that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone with half a brain seriously hold that creationism is accurate. The most successful analogy I’ve ever encountered rendered creationism as little more than a cryptic story one might expect to near a campfire late at night in which the perception of days to a deity would likely span hundreds of thousands of years, etc. But we’re not talking about that story. We’re talking about what happens when silly people presume to know the constraints of logical argument, and flex their e-muscles verbally attacking someone far more…suited to the task. If someone were to hit me with a video smackdown like this I think I might hug them out of respect. Luckily, being a non-creationist spiritualist, I can have my cake and laugh at creationism too ;)

Reagan reanimated to lead the GOP!!!

I finished reading the entire address tonight and wasn’t happy..luckily, I went right to The Onion and was cheered up enormously.

Damn I love The Onion

Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP

Finally bit the bullet…

..I got an iPhone.

I am sure that in the next couple weeks I will have plenty to say about it.

Mainly the cool part about being able to take pics and post them here in a heartbeat. You all know how I love taking embarrassing pics. ;)

And I am sure I’ll find something no so cool about it.


Nat’s still funny!

Okay…before you think it…it’s not like her vids stopped being funny.

I just couldn’t think of what to title the post. If I posted with the title Sleepover Awkwardness…well..lets please remember I’m male and completley outside the range of age where I could ever possibly hold a legitimate conversation about sleepovers…unless..ugh…nevermind.


Yeah. Slope. Slippery.

That said, just watch the damn video. Nat’s badass ;)

You can find buku amounts of chortle-worthy entertainment from Nat RIGHT HERE

Too cool to get a ticket!

This is truly a lesson on perspective.
This is also a lesson on what I might be hearing at any given point throughout the day *grin*

Too Super Cool For His Ticket – Watch more Funny Videos

Go Sabres!!!!

Just cheering them on…in case anyone didnt remember ;)

Buffalol Sabres


So…Katrina was the Army’s Fault.


Just wow.

Apparently the Army Corps of Engineers is being held responsible for the poor maintenance of the levees in New Orleans, and consequentially responsible for innumerable damages resulting from th fall of the levee during Katrina’s wrath.

How the HELL did the military get held responsible for a non-military structure?

And even if they were the ones that built it 40 years ago…how would they have been responsible for it’s maintenance unless the state of Louisiana was paying for said maintenance…

…I don’t know. It really smells hokey to me and I guess I’ll have to research more, but man this just doesn’t sit right.

here’s the full article at CNN

Started writing…

..and surrounded all the hate around me…

…I could not find the moral purchase that would allow me to continue unbiased. In looking at extremes…I could only become angry at people for promoting hate.

…the news became worthless…in some interviews I actually saw the cues for specific questions geared for propaganda.

…in my mail I saw a guy running for office that saved lives by torturing Iraqis…and read a monologue from April from him promoting some pretty scary gatherings.

…and all I can think of is how did you learn to hate so much…and how on earth do you think you’re worthy of serving in any leadership capacity after getting court marshalled for torturing people…literally.

..and then I realize that obviously I am hating too. I chastise myself for becoming the monster.

Why in the hell would I want to write about people that take an extreme stance on an issue that only moderation will resolve.

So who do I slam? Myself for even sharing this. Sorry just a bit pissed at the world in general….especially the extremist parts.


My Mum Rescues Dogs…

I mentioned this previously, she does in fact participate in rescues rather often and I think it’s about the coolest thing.

Rescued and riding in style in the back.

Rescued and riding in style in the back.

There are these organizations all over the US (and even Canada) that will transport cats and dogs in a very speedy fashion all over the place in order to keep them from being euthanized. My mom has been involved in a bunch of them in the New York/Ontario area for ages.

So, anyhow…here is her post and lots of pics for you ;)

This afternoon, I delivered these two cute Rat Terriers to Orillia, Ontario, Canada. From there they will continue on to North Bay, Ontario and their new homes. They spent the night with me and Cognac (my own little cutie) and it was hard not to just keep them! These two came from a puppy mill in Kentucky. Puppy mill breeding dogs are coming out of Pennsylvania and Kentucky at an astounding rate due to new state legislations that make it more difficult to run these horrific puppy prisons.

Passed out...Strangely enough thats exactly the position I like when sleeping on that couch...creepy.

Passed out...Strangely enough thats exactly the position I like when sleeping on that couch...creepy.

Someone actually dumped around fifty dogs and puppies on a road in Concord, NY. The SPCA managed to catch 31, one was hit by a car, and they have set traps for the others. We suspect these were dogs from just the other side of the New York – Pennsylvania state line. Opie and Lacey are not one of those from the Concord incident.

Opie chillin.

Opie chillin.

They came up from Kentucky through a rescue group called “Open Arms Transport”. To think that Lacey, just three years old already had 5 litters of puppies, and lived in a small wire cage just barely big enough for her to stand up in. Opie, being just one year old, male and a not so popular Fiest Rat Terrier, has had it a little better, but not by much. They were both so thankful for a gentle touch, good food and a soft couch. Walking them was difficult because they are still fairly new to the leash, but I think they are doing quite well. God speed Opie and Lacey! Have a good life!

My mom has asked that I leave her email addie available for anyone interested in doing animal rescues. Please feel free to use this contact form {{{HERE}}}