Talking about Windows…

This is just so much awesome…I think I am going to post them as they come out…;)

Talking About Windows: Up All NightWatch a funny movie here

Fun stuff…

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So it seems my body has decided it’s cool to wake up at 6:30am on it’s own (this is an hour and a half before my alarm is set). So I was constructive…and sent some emails to so friends overseas that I’d been meaning to keep in touch with. And it hit me…I have been out with friends a ton this week…and there were PEEKTURES!!!

So it’s likely that I’ll have loads more loaded onto the galleries here soon (maybe tonight).



Another go…


Originally, this was just a test post for some functionality tweaking so I could post to here with a quick text from my phone. But it had a small side effect I wasn’t prepared for. I didnt know that from that point forward, if someone googled “Tony is a Dork”…it would ring out at the top of a google search over a year later.

Cool eh? I actually think so. Instead of my number, I can tell the throngs of women stalking me to simply google “Tony is a Dork” to find me.

Yeah…because I am THAT cool.

I can add pics, video, etc to any post now. The goal here is to get posts fully functional if I send them from gmail. I know it sounds lame but I am specifically looking to be able to plug in, upload media, and send the email with everything in it and have wordpress pump it into the screen.

There is more tweaking to do like tags and html filters…but it’ll be pretty cool to be blogging from my phone…via email…everywhere else 😉