Fear (or whatever it is you like about Haunted Houses)


I have this quirk.

Okay…I am the embodiment of much that is quirky ;)

Haunted Houses. People go to them to get the crap scared out of themselves.

I don’t.

I don’t like getting the crap scared out of me. Life is scary enough without some profiteers at a haunted house offering bonuses to all their employees that make an adult pee their pants. No joke, I have a friend or two that work these things, that bonus really exists.

So now we’re not only going someplace that so that we can make sure our hearts don’t up and quit when we’re startled by the loon running at you with a running chainsaw….Homie in the chainsaw…he gets a bonus if he makes you wet yourself.

Why is all this coming up anyhow?

Two reasons…IT IS HALLOWEEN GOOFUS! …and a friend I barely ever get to see asked me to go with her Friday.

Unfortunately, I don’t react to scary situations like those in a haunted house altogether in a manner the haunted house owners would prefer. Guy jumps at my girlfriend with a knife. Guy gets hurt. Guy comes running at me with a chainsaw, I don’t run, scream, and I most certainly don’t cringe in fear. I just take the chainsaw away from him. (Yes both these instances happened, much to my friends delight…they knew ahead of time what would happen, the better the haunted house, the more likely Tony would get kicked out).

Yeah. So. Tony and Haunted Houses don’t mix. I suppose it would be fun to put a really scary pic in here denoting how scared people can get. But I don’t have one…and since my version of a scary scene done on the fly would look remarkably like Allie Brosh’ stuff at Hyperboleandahalf …SO…we’ll just end this now.

Learn something new every day eh?

…and there goes the very last of my faith and trust.

So…just venting.

Seriously…I think it’s something akin to being emotionally sucker-punched. It’s that sticky yuck of disappointment in a friend that sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re all wonderful people I am sure.

But sometimes people just suck big green donkey @!#%s.

I honestly am typing it out here, because saying it in person or any other venue is just going to kick up drama and this one time…I am not going to call friends, or be an idiot and find a bottle.

Okay, so I might be a tad pissed about it.

…and most importantly I hate being disappointed in people.

As a practice, I like to see the best in people and their potential.
However as experience creeps up on that outlook, it becomes evident that such faith is most often misplaced.

Anyhow, move along…I am sure this is just a precursor to me getting POed and writing some insanely good literature on how stupid California is.

But for now I am just going to drop it in my own little back 40 on the internet.

I know…it’s a long title considering such a short rant, right?

Here, maybe this pic from EpicWin.net will cheer you up…it did me. :)

Where the White Man went Wrong

Important Note: I would like to thank Sarah from Anonymous8.com for unknowingly cheering me up with the above pic just as I was getting utterly and completely unnecessarily angry.

Before you ask…

Sometimes you can see their hesitation in asking…

Tony, are you happy with your life?

Here’s your answer.

The truth of it is I’m happy. The only few things missing in my life and the parts and friends not missing more than make up for it. I only wish I could say the same for everyone else :)

Please don’t take this post too seriously.

I obviously don’t.

Electric Fence Syndrome…

As you may have guessed by the name, it’s shocking how many people exhibit signs of this dangerous yet disturbingly amusing illness.

Electric Fence Syndrome is a mental deficiency (I personally think it’s genetic, but this unproven by scientific standards) in which a person will deliberately expose themselves to dangerous or horribly undesirable effects for no other reason than to verify what their own senses, family members, and friends have likely already explained and warned them of.

I first encountered this disease when I was about 7 years old. I was with a couple of my cousins in a horse pasture. One of my cousins bet the other that he could climb and ride the stud without a saddle with no problem whatsoever. Before he left to try, I pointed out that we knew already that that particular horse hated people riding him bareback and would usually throw you upon trying to sit without a saddle. In addition, the other cousin that was in on the bet also told the victim that he’d tried three times already and couldn’t pull it off. Need less to say, it was an enormous amount of fun seeing sensible family members (that totally knew better) climb an irritated horse solely to prove they would be tossed promptly.

Another encounter…well…legitimized this illness when I watched a man holding a rifle wrong (the scope was too close to his eye), and after being warned about the potential ramifications, ignore said warning and promptly cut his eye ridge and nose when firing the rifle.

Further bolstered by not one, but FOUR instances of warning people about various fences possessing a significant electric current, with little success of deterrence, I found an apt name for this horrible affliction that lays waste to those with even the most reputable common sense.

You can often see signs that the illness will manifest itself when hearing phrases such as the following:

“You shouldn’t be dating each other.”
“Heh, watch THIS!”
“We’re getting married!”
“He bites.”
“Do not feed the animals.”

It’s been noted that I missed a very important phrase to be wary of by my friend Lodi:

“Hold my beer.”

And another awesome one has been submitted by Kirsten (of Results Not Typical Girl):

“Will you marry me?”

…the list of scenarios goes on and on. I have found one very clear method of avoiding this disease. It seems that it is distracting and entertaining enough to yield non-dangerous results merely by warning people of potential dangers and harmful situations. I highly suggest this as a deterrent.

In the meantime, I would very much like to hear of your own experiences with this affliction. Or even if you know more phrases to be watchful for.
Please feel free to send these experiences to electricfence@tonytown.com.

For everyone that doesn’t vote.


This is how the rest of us see you.

Just remembering…


I saw little blurb that’s been tweeted and reposted all over the place….Facebook…Email…etc.

Lindsay Lohan, 24, is all over the news because she’s a celebrity drug addict. While Justin Allen 23, Brett Linley 29, Matthew Weikert 29, Justus Bartett 27, Dave Santos 21, Chase Stanley 21, Jesse Reed 26, Matthew Johnson 21, Zachary Fisher 24, Brandon King 23, Christopher Goeke 23, …and Sheldon Tate 27 are all Marines that gave their lives this week with NO MEDIA MENTION. Honor THEM by reposting!

It reminded me of something…a couple years ago, I had this amazing discussion with a surprisingly insightful woman. The discussion wasn’t all that long…but it was…well heartfelt.

I was coming over to one of my favorite spots at a local park, and there was someone else already kicking back on my favorite bench – luckily there was lots of room on the bench. I asked if it was okay if I snag the other spot on the bench completely oblivious of who it was, but hell I was there to relax at the park. However, after like five minutes I realized who she was and had to say hello. Don’t get me wrong…I introduced myself mainly because this kind of opportunity doesn’t happen often. I immediately apologized for interrupting her but I was totally curious about her. Surprisingly again, she was talkative and amicable.

…so we knocked out the weather and our days experiences in under two minutes’ discussion. At that point however, I couldn’t help myself.

“Dude, I have to ask. If it were me, I’d probably have kicked the media’s ass or something. How do you handle the media?”

“You learn to ignore them, hardly the smartest thing the do if you’re trying to keep some sort of image, and then you stop caring too. But I still get furious when they start digging into family.”

I asked what it was like having zero privacy and the word “Hell” was all the explanation I needed. I asked how often she lost her cool with the media.

“Way too much. But live and learn.”

I even asked how she was coping with how they sensationalized every wrong step she ever took.

“…They don’t care. It’s like they are only looking for those tastiest morsels that will distract them from the real problems in the world.”

…before I got to my next question…

“You know it really sucks. The entertainment industry is like a coping mechanism for people that can’t come to grips with what the world is really like. The media is geared to draw you. They aren’t concerned for what is right…only for what will get them a broader audience. Whatever they can get away with without breaking the law..they’re all over it. Accuracy doesn’t matter, only the draw.

People, great people, awesome people…are dying to save each other every day…I bet they give me more coverage at a court date than they do for all the guys dying in Iraq. It’s not that the media does this habitually, I hate it more when it’s me they’re dumping all the attention on. It’s like come on people, you must have better things to do.”

At this point I totally apologized, as I was obviously interrupting what was rare peace for her. But then I opened my trap and said it.

“Ya know, I have to admit I was a slave to the media impression before today. I feel like an ass now. You’re ten times more interesting to talk to about the media than it is to listen to the media about you.”

*yes, I was grinning*

She smirked and said, “It’s the one thing the media doesn’t care about, but thanks.”

Things stayed quiet after that. The day was just too beautiful to sully with any more dialogue. For another 10 minutes we just sat on the bench enjoying the peace, half-grins on both our faces.

By the way. Now that you’re through reading this.
Who she was doesn’t matter.

Here’s the latest list of from iCasualities.com
..and here’s a list of who gave their lives in the last week in Afghanistan.
Matthew Thomas, Donald Scott Morrison, Mark A. Simpson, Clinton E. Springer II, William Brandon Dawson, Jaysine P. S. Petree, Anthony J. Rosa, Michael J. Buras, Jonah D. McClellan, Robert F. Baldwin, Marvin R. Calhoun Jr., Joshua D. Powell, Matthew G. Wagstaff, Denis C. Miranda, Adam O. Smith, David B. McLendon, Brendan J. Looney.

Denny Crane.

Denny Crane is waving pistol.

Your argument is invalid.

Fun stuff setting up a puter…

Last year…when I upgraded to Windows7…before the PC Crash of 2010, this was in my journal and it needed to be posted…
So the computer I blog from and surf from and do most of my geeking and gaming on….it’s fast approaching a deadline for a new OS.

Actually. My release candidate is expiring today. In non-geek terminology, my pc will become such a pain in the ass to use that I am forced to either reinstall Vista, or reinstall a licensed version of Windows 7.

This kind of sucks. My PC is so frickin enabled that power users would need like 2 years of classes to put this kind of thing together.

The hub of all this installed ability revolves around a capable OS.

Which again. Is not expiring.

So far here’s how it’s been going:

(Old encryption program doesnt like W7, switched to bitlocker last summer, just to test it out.)

Get nastygram telling me my version of W7 is about to go belly up.
Audit everything installed on this PC.
216 applications that would have to be reinstalled.
Looked for alternatives.
Alternatives would involve incompatibility for roughly half my apps, and half my games would no longer work.
Not an option. More research.
Audit necessary free memory to upgrade to W7. 2TB.
Because you cant just install over a release candidate, you have to wipe it out and install clean. This requires the data on the boot drive to be migrated.
Because I am NOT paying a gazillion extra bucks to continue using Bitlocker, I have to decrypt externals before migrating data off the boot drive.
Decrypting drive 1, cleaning up apps installed.
App cleanup forces reboot before I can stop decryption. very. bad.
drive recovery successful, 8 hours.
Continue, decrypting drive 1, cleaning up apps installed. 6 hours.
Decrypting drive 2 will take …heh…48 hours. Tony not happy. migrating data off drive faster than decryption.
Migrating data off drive, 6 hours.
Decrypting of drive 2 now only 8 hours, acceptable. Not a happy Tony, but the alternative wasnt an option.
Drive 2 decrypted, migrating data back onto it. 4 hours.
Initial setup for primary drive W7 install, 2 hours. Only because I have to decide what apps to keep etc. make a list. etc.
W7 setup.

All in all. W7 has been good to me, but simply isn’t as “secure” as I’d prefer. Not everyone knows this but any kid with a little USB drive and a few brain cells can waltz into almost any Windows driven machine and crack open the password locked

I have LONG since moved to bigger and better setups. But this needed to go in the journal.

5 Damn good reasons you should follow @WhoIsTheBaldGuy

It’s almost natural for most Twits. If you’re on Twitter, follow @whoisthebaldguy. I mean, it’s almost as necessary as @shitmydadsays or @tremendousnews or @Alyssa_Milano (and @tony_hunt if you’re really bored).

#1 He can help you quit smoking.
This took creativity, a decent sense of humor, and some serious “Smoking Skills.” I am actually surprised Truth.com didn’t want in on this. It’s that good. Check it out!

#2 Dude, watch out when he snaps those fingers!
Who do you know that can stop time to propose?
He can help all you loser boyfriends own up and Put A Ring On It.
I already told him I am totally calling him before I pop the question. ;)

#3 Just when you thought an iPhone couldn’t do more.
Michael Krivicka (that’s @WhoIsTheBaldGuy if you’re not really paying attention yet) makes his mark on the iPhone. He’s directly responsible for the absolute best iPhone app EVER … Nude-it!
…and here’s another Reaction Video ;)

#4 He helps the homeless by giving them a job.
Want tons of easy and cheap marketing, while at the same time helping out all the holeless? Try out Michael’s idea for putting people to good use…

Now…after all those videos, you’re *probably* thinking…

Holy-shit-on-a-pogo-stick-apes-flipping-the-bird-aren’t-this cool.
(Yes, click this and you will see an ape flipping you off.)

It’s true. He might be the most interesting man in the world (or some sort of twitter-happy runner-up).
But what you really have to ask yourself…(after watching this video)

And finally…#5
…how do you think you’re going to sound in his next remix?

…Follow him. Fly like the wind people! Follow him!

Missed it?!


Oh…now I am kicking myself.

I had no idea OpenCamp was also hosting Wordcamp. I’ve been really busting my own chops to make sure I made it to these…and I find out it was at a meet I totally could have gone to but didnt because it wasn’t “WordPressy” enough.


Sad Tony is Sad.