Dr. Joseph Hunt, Part II

They want even more from me. Even with the transcript and the degree, the application was reviewed and they voiced a concern that philosophy/theology might not be a good choice to devote my life’s work.

“I never had any intention of devoting my life to your archetypical view of ‘where I should be,’ and luckily for me, this isn’t about where your review board feels I am best placed, but rather will I prove myself qualified as a Doctor of Philosophy. Please review the application for the intent it represents, rather than the concern of where this applicant intends his career.”

A day later…acceptance.

Cool eh?

It’s gonna take next to no time to get my MS because i already actually had most of the prerequisites, but because of the unrelated field I will end up doing most of the theological work all over again. I don’t mind..I sluffed the hell out of it when I was in school…;)