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During normal lapses of insanity…


Argh…I go off for a weekend and come back to find myself on call for a week…and even worse…Buffalo lost a game.


BUFFALO 11-0-1

BUFFALO SABRES!!!!It’s these small things in life that make for awesomeness 😉

Max is interviewing for a kewl job. I am now totally miserable with the flu. I hate not having cable while BSG and SG1 are running in “new episode” mode. I finally got the dates to take my trip to florida in January, this should be fun 😉

Oh yeah…and Buffalo has the best stats in the NHL. Freaky eh?


Its that time again…

Blaise is working with me on another habitat for Humanity gig and we’re going to shoot for doing it on December 9th or 10th. This one should be waaaay more popular than last years as last years people were the ones we held at gunpoint to help…this year…we have actualy volunteers!!!!

Maybe this year i wont have a broken arm too 😉