I blame it on Mondays.

It’s been a long and dreary weekend.

I had a huge arthritis attack starting late Friday night that hasn’t left yet. Now this is actually something I can function through (as in, I can get up and make it about ten feet before the pain gets to be too much) enough that I can work from home (like today). But regular things like grocery shopping, cleaning the apartment, visiting with friends…these are all things that are not really within the scope of my mobility.

This weekend was pretty set.

Was going to take my nephew out for his 17th birthday.
Was going to hang out with a bunch of really cool friends at a cook-out.
Was going to go completely overboard and show up at a friends house Sunday morning and cook them some of the awesome breakfast tacos.
There were some other cool things I would have liked to do too.

I didnt get to do any of them…when you’re not mobile on anywhere near a regular basis…you start feeling drained before you’ve even put up a fight.

So…it’s Monday. I worked from home today…thats what I am doing on Mondays. Worked out because the swelling in my right foot hasnt gone down yet.

I still cant do much more than hobble for short distances, and after I do…well lets just say that I takes me a minute to recompose myself.

Yep…hurts that much.

So…I am confident that the attack will be going away soon. I’ve been taking Prednisone for 3 days, Colchicine for two (yes, thats a day over normal dosage), and there isnt much left to do but wait it out.

Unfortunately I have to go to work tomorrow. If it’s possible for me to get there…I need to go.

I had to do laundry still. I procrastinated hoping that it would be easier tonight than Saturday or Sunday. No such luck eh?

I got the wash done. Each trip down to the washer and dryer is actually just enough for me to recover so I can make the trip down.

About halfway into the dryer cycle I get a sinking feeling someone is messing with my laundry and going back down to the laundry area (I can see it from my front door it’s not far).

I hobble out and as soon as I am facing the laundry area, I look up to see some asshole rummaging around in my clothes. Of course he bolts.

..and here I am completely unable to walk right.

He didn’t get any of my clothes but I haven’t felt more helpless in my life.

..yep…this is me pissed…

F#ck Measuring Tape

F#ck Measuring Tape
by Natalie Tran

If you’ve ever wondered exactly why I love watching these vids. It’s like seeing all the things that I notice in life and remark upon before my accursed problem kicks in (the one where I suddenly have the attention span of a spastic monkey and forget what I was thinking about.) She remembers!! …and then she makes he most hilarious vids about how stupid humanity is in general.

Anyhow, check her out.

…and then check her out HERE.

Public Option Annie…

Public Option Annie… Couldn’t help but giggle. Some people went through alot of trouble to stage this 😉