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For Andy.

A monument,
I see it, it stands among a multitude of others
yet is cherished for it’s inspiration and it stoic ideals implied

Standing tall
If for only a short time lending memory, and loyalty
Yet now so silent a companion

Shining light
That presence of mind releases it bonds
spreads his wings and soars among the stars

What shines in life, whose words ring true
Will continue to warm and illuminate long after passing.

Spread your wings
We’ll always hear your song in the wind
And always look to you in the stars.

You will always be with us brother.

A lot of friends have asked about this…last night a very dear friend took his own life with little warning, with no opportunity to intervene.
I can’t stand the idea of suicide, and think it’s the biggest cop-out a person can choose to make. Andy and I have been friends and brothers for well over a decade and I just cant imagine not being able to see him or talk to him again. There lie what details I am willing to give without freaking out.


Amtgardians step up where law enforcement doesn’t during flood in Ruidoso.**UPDATED**

When someone from Mundania1 gets their first impression of an Amtgarder outside the game, it’s usually one of uncommon candor, and all-too-often a mistaken impression of moral ambiguity. I’ve been in life-threatening situations more than most police officers, and most of those situations were directly influenced in a positive manner…by people from Amtgard2. While I am on a hiatus from my regular habits of self-injuring joy on the field on weekends…when I heard about what happened at this weekend’s event…I am in awe. I am going to have to quote this as I honestly am speechless, and altogether VERY happy this was an Amtgard event, where some values on life are more likely to be realized. We may in fact be a rough group, sometimes gruff…rude…and quite anti-social…but it doesn’t mean we don’t have some very important values.

Late Saturday night, multiple areas around Ruidoso were flooded. One of those areas was the campground used for the Amtgard event known as The Gathering of the Clans. This is a big event. Depending on the year, groups ranging from 200-800 camp for a four-day festive event. Around 4am, evacuation orders came through and the campgrounds were evacuated…in a fashion…

The river of water was exceptionally deep and swift and there was no way they could safely cross it on their own. They were stuck in the cold rain, with no shelter for about 3 hours, until an Amtgarder who chooses to remain anonymous, rescued the 4 of them by himself with a piece of rope. The “cops” never once got out of their cars. They made sure they stayed warm in their cars, smoking thier ciggs. None of them offered us any clothing or any real assistance whatsoever. Being a paramedic, i find this appalling that a so called public servant wouldn’t even attempt to help. I told them I was a paramedic and they wouldn’t even help me out by giving me a jacket and a rope to even try to help save them. Finally we see the boys walking towards us and get them into the trucks to warm up.

I am appalled. Not that an Amtgardian took matters into his own hands (that’s albeit expected…one of us always steps up)…but that the local law enforcement wasn’t interested in helping. This is a poor example that law enforcement doesn’t need, but has handed to the public on with bell attached in a time where law enforcement is supposed to set the example. I can rattle off loads of stories where I’ve seen someone face a challenge like this head on, in my opinion…it’s everyone’s duty to contribute in any initiative that saves lives…even those that involve risk. What I can’t believe is that people who are PAID to do exactly that weren’t involved in helping. I am inspired to make a bigger issue of this. Here are the local articles and updates:


I am looking to see if there is anyone still stranded in Ruidoso because of lost vehicles, etc. but not having much luck. If anyone knows if there are collections or relief funds etc please let me know directly.


  1. Mundania is what we Amtgardians refer to as The Real World
  2. Amtgard is one my oldest hobbies/pastimes/activities


By 10 Years
Cry yourself a river, and use your own raft.



Hahaha…too funny! Please watch!

Michelle posted this as her bulletin titled:
No…it wasn’t actually me, nor was it actually Amtgard, but it was frickin hilarious to find out that my more mundanian friends thought this was what I do…

Worn out…..

Okay, it’s pretty common knowledge that I’ve been up late alot working on the new Kingdom content management system for the all the local parks n stuff.

It’s wearing me out, but I am almost DONE!

One park template is done except for the heraldry graphic (which has to be tight or it doesnt go up). The current stuff is funky enough as it is without my adding worse stuff to it ;)

Anyhow…also debuting is my blog-site’s cross posting plugin for myspace. Basicly what this does is sends a short clip and link to my ms account so when i post to my blog site everyone subscribed to my myspace blog will know and can come running over to TonyTown to see what is going on ;)


That is all, I am pooped. I need booty, a good nights sleep, and…nope thats about it!

Night all…

World Banner Wars…

aka..My Swank-Ass Birthday & Peanut Gallery Party.

It’s started!!! I cant wait until Saturday…so many old friends. I’ve got a lunch to do on Friday that’ll let me spend some quality time with my Amtgard family. At the campground…400+ people there for nothing more than a good time…and the #1 Team Tourney in the organization.

You bet your ass there will be pics!



Things you forget when you haven’t been to the mountains in over a decade.

Tony gets altitude sickness.Tony shouldn’t drink at high altitudes…ever. Tony cant eat when he’s at high altitudes…especially after drinking alot. I couldnt eat for two days straight.
Tony shouldnt try to take shortcuts up and/or down a mountain while drunk, so sayeth the many trees and hay-bales that collided with him on his way down the mountain.

By far the most embarrassing (for me) Amtgard event in my life.

Rakis bound….

My first Rakis. This should be totally fun. And rumor has it, a special prize awaits…

This event is scheduled around….shit..I will enter it later.
*evil grin*

Amtgard season begins.

I know..”most” people arent thinking of Amtgard and SCA when the weather warms up, but I have been doing this stuff for a long time. Here’s what I have planned so far…it’s not all just about beating down the enemies on the field…;)
2x Habitat for Humanity Building Events.
2x Household Workshops
3x Amtgard events (weekend long)
4x Fighting Company Workshops
and lastly, I am going to force myself to show for at least 8 more Green Dragon Skirmishes before summer is out.

So…what does all this mean?

It means if I get a girlfriend that expects to see me more than a couple days a week…there will be…trouble. ;)
Not really, but it’s sorta fun not dating and just being involved in something bigger than just me ;)

The Drums of War

Amtgard was an absolute blast…prepping for Springwar and seeing soooo many people getting ready for the event gives me the warm and fuzzies.